Omnichannel Customer Experience Augmentation


issy PromoHUB


Introducing the digital promotion app evolving how brands interact with customers in-store.

With issy, brands can deploy multiple promotional experiences across different in-store channels to increase shopper activation while tracing the attribution of the marketing investment in real-time. It's time for companies to see exactly what's working and not, making more informed decisions about their marketing campaigns and adjusting proactively to meet the strategic goals.


  • Custom unique account URL.

  • Classify the promo experience per categories, brands and locations. 

  • Campaign traffic sources configuration.

  • Enter-to-win initiatives.

  • Digital coupon initiatives with a staff-in-store app to manage the redemption process.

  • Online promo codes.

  • Automatic proof of purchase validation.

  • Flash insights for crowdsourced research panels.

  • Dashboard reporting and analytics.

  • Admin and collaborator user access.

issy PromoBOT


Maximize the power of WhatsApp to scale conversations using an automatic promotional bot and engage with consumers through a simple and direct messaging channel.


  • issy makes promo participation easier than ever:
    just chat and go!

  • Connect with customers in a more personal way.

  • Gather consumer information instantly without making having to sign in.


issy QRFlow


With issy QRFlow, mapping the physical world and creating digital journeys has never been easier.

Create as many QR Codes as required to identify each digital touchpoint in the physical landscape. Flexible and simple configuration of the QR Codes to redirect the conversion funnel according to the brand's objectives while understanding how your physical space is performing.


  • QR code creation and management.

  • Content redirection flow.

  • Dashboard reporting and analytics.

  • Admin and collaborator user access.